##halo across domains (specific=better

See also — relevant55.tech.txt, [[ further improve ]], [[ towards an architect ]]. This halo list is not that rigorous, only a /sideshow/.

If you invest more than enough into …. say, java concurrency, you may grow an invisible little halo in the eyes of peers and interviewers. Other halos: google brank, microsoft brank, GS brank

) lock free
) jvm tun` including mem, GC
) 64bit 
) sql tun` including EXPLAIN, hints, statistics,
) CHM, concurrent skip list,
) hash table internals, red black tree
) multicast IP address + UDP
) serialization
) tx isolation levels) solaris/linux tun` && capacity plann`@@ Rember the Solaris 10 seminar?
# also-rans) reflection? not really seen as halo

) thread pool, callable/future
) membar
) Oracle/Sybase instance tun`


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