##[17] IV halo across domains #specific=better

See also — relevant55.tech.txt, [[ further improve ]], [[ towards an architect ]]. This halo list is not that rigorous, only a /sideshow/.

If you invest more than enough into …. say, java concurrency, you may grow an invisible little halo in the eyes of peers and interviewers. Other halos: google brank, microsoft brank, GS brank

  1. [a] lock free, CAS, statement reordering, membar, volatile^atomic
  2. conditionVar, spurious wake-up
  3. [a] read/write lock, tryLock, deadlock prevention
  4. [a] tail recursion
  5. sql tun` including EXPLAIN, hints, statistics,
  6. [a] hash table internals, red black tree
  7. [a] O(n) sorts
  8. [a] Morris

C++ specific:

  1. [ah] compile-time template meta-programming
  2. smart pointers used with factory, class field etc
  3. epoll,
  4. [h] reinterpret_cast

Java specific:

  1. jvm tun` including mem, GC, profilers
  2. thread pool usage and internals
  3. callable/future
  4. [h] remote debugging
  5. [h] reflection? not really seen as halo
  6. [h] JMX
  7. [a] concurrent skip list,


  • [a] tx isolation levels
  • solaris/linux tun` && capacity plann`@@ Rember the Solaris 10 seminar?
  • serialization

[a=academic, could be considered zbs, never really needed in GTD]
[h=hacky, powerful black magic, rather useful but often frowned upon]


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