## swing – sources of events (brief list)

Swing supports semantic events and low-level events — http://tech.stolsvik.com/2009/03/awt-swing-event-pumping-and-targeting.html. Most of the “visible” events that litter our source code are semantic, so that’s the focus of most app-developer. However authors often include low-level events when “swing event” is mentioned in literature.

We mostly care about events on the EDT. Nothing stops a swing app from using any number of events on some independent thread unrelated to the EDT, but anything that affects the display must use EDT, unless the method is marked “thread-safe”. Here are some common sources of events.

– UI events — from mouse and keyboard. It’s possible to write many small swing apps with no other events than UI events.
– MOM events — A swing app often has MOM listeners that can fire events that affect the UI.
– timer events — Always en-queue to EDT. Often affects UI.
– property change events — example? See Action.java
– UI model change events — model is always, always attached to a UI component, so the change usually affects some UI. Additionally, a change can affect other UI components. Example? Say a table model should update jtable + some row-counter + background color to indicate new data in the jtable.k
** TableModel changes can occur due to user actions — P449 [[Java cookbook]]

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