US work culture encourages out-spoken assertiveness

(to be published on my blog.)
There are limits but US work culture is more expressive, liberal and permissive in terms of employee communications. 

I don’t have a lot of personal experience — this is just a casual observer’s personal bias — in this country workers are expected to protest, to complain, to argue (sometimes), to protect his/her self-interest. If you really push the limits (but not exceed them), you can earn people’s respect.
“Squeaky wheel gets the oil”

Not sure about China, but Singapore workplaces are more strict, more disciplined, more “uniform”. Workers are reluctant to push the limits, perhaps because the limits are not so pushable — they are more rigid than in US.
Compare to SG, In US it’s your job to get your job done in time, your job to get the support you need, your job to get rid of the road-blockers. The system (in many companies) is not as perfect and functioning as in SG companies. SG workplaces often present a well-managed, well-controlled environement, partly because subordinates are more obedient.
If you are unhappy, i think you can raise your concerns to your onsite manager, or your offsite managers. You deserve their attention.

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