conversion ctor ^ conversion method – pervasive

I feel the various type-converters are essential for code TRACING. Compiler implicitly uses conversion ctor (cvctor) and operator-overload-converter (OOC) whenever it needs to.

Note converter methods without “operator something” are explicitly invoked — much easier to spot. They often look like

   XXX asXXX(void)

As pointed out in other posts, cvctor and OOC can be invoked implicitly by static_cast into a nonref type.

Here are some converters —

Eg: scoped_lock myLock(myMutex);
Eg: string ( const char * s );
Eg: string.operator vector(), and string cvctor from vector. P197-198 [[STL tut]]
Eg: the conversions between auto_ptr, shared_ptr and raw ptr
Eg: conversion between vector iterators
Eg: back_inserter(myVector) returns a back_insert_iterator object

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