eclipse jargon: workspace

Q: What exactly does it mean in the context of various texts generated by Eclipse?

#1 tip: call it “workspace-directory” whenever possible. For now, I call it “ecl_ws dir”

We see a z:\workspace created by Eclipse. I think “a workspace is a directory” more or less, even though eclipse documentation doesn’t put it so simply.

Eclipse usually (but not always) stores your projects in a folder called a workspace. Choose a workspace folder to use for this session. Without a workspace, I think you can’t proceed to create a project. A workspace can have any number of projects, each of which can be stored in a different location in some file system. workspace-dir can be on C: drive, and source dir (src-dir) can be on another (even samba share).

A workspace’s resources are organized into a *tree* structure, with projects at the top, and folders and files underneath. seems to shed some light

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