multi-threaded java is everywhere

Q: In what areas must you deal with multi-threading? ranking in terms of importance
* swing is multi-threaded@@ I think so since GUI is inherently multi-threaded
* To exploit multi-processor. eg: Mansion’s T2 — 1 processor, 8 core, 32 native kernel threads
* Every java IO system

# eor
* applets are often multi-threaded@@
* Hibernate@@ I think so because each database transaction (a unit-of-work) maps to a session and a thread. See other posts
* XP: NextGen is multi-threaded
* Every servlet/JSP is by default multi-threaded
* Most database-backed java applications are multi-threaded. Every DB-connection is often used by a single thread. A db-transaction is associated with a connnection.
* I think most online transaction systems are multi-threaded, but how about before java?

Personal observations on the above scenarios:
#1 common characteristic: each thread is basically a call stack
But these threads don’t always share a lot of data
Not much deadlock worry


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