[07]We both love Singapore


I know you love Singapore’s clean environment, warm weather, efficient government, comfortable jobs for you (not for me). S’pore is also closer to home — You can bring Mom and Dad and relatives over to enjoy this little paradise.

Singaporeans are comfortable, in fact too comfortable. Singapore government knows many Singaporeans are too comfortable and lack the first generations’ toughness to go out of their comfortable home and embrace the world outside.

Like it or not, the ground is shifting right beneath our feet. If Singaporeans (including you and me) stand still, if Singaporeans stay in their comfortable home for too long, we will be left behind (or worse still, swept aside) by the wave of change.

God is kind of fair to Singapore’s competitors — it won’t reserve for Singapore a special place high up on top of most countries, and declare “Don’t rock the little boat of Singapore. Leave Singapore in peace and comfort for 50 years.”

Many believe God is unfair — English is still the preferred language among the rich. Big and rich countries like US, Canada, Australia and European powers (Japan is resource-poor) still capture more resources, attract more talents, create ever more sophisticated technologies which are largely beyond the reach of poor countries.

Over the past 40 years, Singapore upgraded itself by adapting to world economy, by reaching out to the neighbours in South-East Asia and to rich countries. To keep its place on the world’s 20 richest nations, Singaporeans have no choice but continue to reach out from their homebase and explore, adapt, take risks, endure , seek opportunities, learn from mistakes and compete with the best of the world.

Where are the best brains of the world? In London, Shanghai, New York, California, perhaps Tokyo. They continue to flock to Google, to Microsoft, Silicon Valley…

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