null forkey ^ unmatched prikey

–simple illustration:
emplyee {employee_id, department_id, age, salary…}
department {department_id, size, average age…}

null-forkey: employee without department_id
unmatched prikey: department without employee

— null forkey — perhaps not a case for outer join

“null in forkey column”. referential integrity violated.

Q 2a: One of the MSP (member of parliment) has no party (null forkey, violating referential integrity). How do you include him in a member-and-party listing?

A: select, from msp, party where
select, null from msp where is null

Neither makes sense:
wrong: — no effect. How can party.code (prikey) be a SUBSET of (forkey)? referential integrity violated

wrong: — showing empty parties

— unmatched prikey — #1 common scenario for outer join

“forkey = subset@prikey”

Heart of every outer join is a subset relationship. If the 2 join-columns are prikey-forkey, then the smaller set has to be the forkey — referential integrity. An outer join will show ALL the rows from the prikey side, whether or not there’s a matching row.

where employee.employee_id = bonus.employee_id(+) — “+” on the forkey side

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