Re: NextGen server mean time to failure@@

(A draft email) Hi,

Thanks for your quick reply. Sorry I’m unable to give any suggestion. Just some nagging worries. I’m trying to be critical yet objective.

My experience suggests that many java-based daemons are fairly susceptible to degradation with a concurrent load level high enough. Similar to denial-of-service attacks.

I’m not easily convinced that any piece of software (including my favorite — apache httpd) can keep up performance without restart for a few months under heavy load. For example, over 20 years solaris went through continuous improvements in terms of self-healing, daemon/service availability — a clear sign that the system can sustain “injuries” and lose performance. If it can happen to OS, what is immune?

I remember Siva told me the FTTP workload could be quite high and it’s not easy to handle that load. I think he said a few thousand cases a day. Will keep us busy:)

tan bin

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