container managed relationships, in a Lead-management system

Let’s read about cmr and cross check Binu’s observations

Lead management system, with 60 tables, each represented by a cmp bean.

in only 2 cases, the inter-bean relationship was managed by container-managed relationship. One of the 2 was the Lead-Address relationship, where each lead id is linked to an Address bean. When container loads a particular Lead beam from the DB, the associated Address bean was loaded too. When saving the beans to DB, we used the SLSB to save the Lead bean and the Address bean separately

A: performance. Hibernate has replaced cmr in subsequent projects.
A: The slsb facade is the only “client”. Using local interface.
A: Use ejb-ql.

A: basically nothing but ORM. The entity beans are related as in the DB, so the objects need2b linked up in some way.

Q: Why the majority of the relationships are not by cmr?
Q: how are the cmp beans used in terms of clients?

Q: How does the system know which Address bean to load for a given Lead bean?

Q: j4cmr]this project?

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