citi IV @longisland-city 2007

Q: ok u use subversion. what do u do if u have 2 versions of the code for 2 clients and then u need to apply an important change to the shared codebase.

Q: describe the process of starting a new project. (they expected SIT, documentation)

q: describe the standards and processes in a large company that you worked in. (I think they expect some kind of escalation, approval …)
Q: vector vs arraylist? what they have in common?
Q: struts tags?
Q: benefits of hibernate?
Q: is hashmap synchronized?
A: u can do collection.synchronizedmap(the hashmap intance)
Q: in an unsynchronized method, do u need to synchronize a local var?
Q: write the code where an Action class get access to a bean in a struts environment

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