real&&rare value-add to developers@weblogic

Some developers have 3-5 yeras experience on weblogic but offer no valud-add relative to “thinking” develoeprs coming from, say, websphere backgrounds. Value-add ranked in terms of value:

* 1) insight into weblogic trace logs (=> tuning, TR). Each app server’s developers have their preference what to log. Perhaps a neglected aspect of J2EE standardization.
* key limitations of weblogic vs websphere, jboss. There are probably dozens of limitations but real veterans know a few serious ones
* weblogic server tuning
* monitoring (=> tuning, TR)
* weblogic cluster
* JRockit Runtime Analyzer and esp. mem leak detection
* weblogic support for web services — different from other vendors

other value-add without ranking:

* weblogic domain
* weblogic deployment tools
* weblogic JNDI idiosyncrasy
* AR
* dev^production mode
* when not to use weblogic jms
* when not to use weblogic conn pool
* idiosyncrasies of weblogic thread pool

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