You can’t be a developer for ever@@

my answers ranked

* Each person has her roles in the economy. Perhaps the best role for me is …
* I still believe my experience dealing with enterprise application design issues (tx,cluster,perf,…) has value in 20 years
* compared to a team lead, architects have a longer shelf life. Architects need some domain knowledge and deep hands-on experience.
* I still believe deep technical experience is more solid than Project Management experience, at least for me. I was able to do a “good-enough” PM job even without years of experience.
* I have been a good enough (small-scale) Presales consultant.
* some older technies in my circle are NOT earning more even as presales or PM
* Xian Hua of JDA pointed that for hands-on developer, job search is easier. I’d add mobility. Can enter US.
* I feel developer has vantage when a commander is needed for a project, better position than PM, BA etc. However, there are exceptionally capable/effective BA/PM individuals.

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