rare non-tech qualities in developers

An informal list of attractive characteristics in developers. Rare and non-trivial qualities.

— top 10
* willing to take up unpopular or unattractive tasks like …
* documentation — willing, thorough
* unit test — habit of creating and maintaining his own unit tests
* miminize personal favoritism, esp. as a leader. Impossible to be 100%
* unbiased — against race/gender, languages, technologies
* willing to listen && think hard about opposing views when he need not
* communicate in the language of management and users. Many feel this is rare; many disagree.
* technical pdl && “vision” ie long term.
* “Composite capability” is dependant on many factors.

— not so rare
* cooperative — follow agreed but tedious team standards
* Think like the business owners. Many feel this is are; many disagree.
* patience — with novice colleagues
* accurate estimation. set realistic targets to help supervisor’s planning
* no entrenched positions on …
* willing to abandon his own design when appropriate
* publications and open source contributions
* thorough — attention to details …
* articulate — with technical discussions
* quick assessment, even though imperfect
* lifelong learning — fearless
* self-examination before checking others; lead by example. (Experienced developers have many dislikes.)
* ownership — of own code from beginning to end
* flesixible — with OT,
* troubleshooting — systematic, reasoning, Sherlock Holmes. Very few jobs need exceptional troubleshooting; usually a competent technie will do.

* fast learner — some jobs need unusually fast learners. Perhaps #2 asset. Another “Composite skill”
* brank
* proven leadership@@ I think you can be a pretty good leader if you score well on this list. U need not be a motivator. Fairness is much more important

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