%%weblogic cluster iview q

[b] = [[ weblogic bible ]]
12-month iview questions

Q: give some cluster-techniques for java programmers in your real projects. P 802 [b]

Q: in a cluster, how do session attributes differ from context attributes@@ p 803 [b]

Q: how do u verify session transfer without a web app@@ No answer

Q: how do u know when session transfer fails (without running a web app) @@ No answer.
A: logs?

Q: can u get email alert if a cluster node fails@@

Q: how does the “system” know a node is dead or alive? What’s the “system”, exactly? P798 [b]

Q: replication frq@@ How do u verify@@ logs@@

Q: failover of active jdbc session@@ I doubt it


Q: how do u start the cluster and verify node1 and 2 are linked up@@ log@@

Q: when u deploy an app, u can choose which nodes, but can u choose whether to deploy to the admin server of the cluster? (Hint: the admin server is for the domain, not only for the cluster)

Q: deploying a webapp. do u have to copy to node1 then copy to node2@@ In that case how does the system ensure the 2 copies are identical@@
A: u copy to admin server?

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