timer && timerTask /duo/@@

Before looking at ch11-ex1 java source codes, PONDER these issues:

wait() is the key method beneath the Timer system. Understand wait()
and u understand much of Timer.

A: container of the schedule() method

A: the runnable container of the run() method

Q: which class maintains the schedule and the job @@ see Timer api

Q: which thread executes the jobs in queue@@ timerTask, being a
runnable thread@@. See Timer api

Q: how do u list the jobs in queue@@

Q: basic functionalities embodied by timerTask@@
run() containing the actions to take.
the schedule, perhaps a specification of the next kickoff time.

Q: which class is runnable@@ Which class has a run() method@@

Q: which class has methods to SET the number of seconds for delay@@

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